100% Linen Table Covers


100% Pure Linen selected and imported especially for use with the communion service. The Communion Table Cover is derived from the table cloth on the Last Supper Table. It is placed on the table with a drop of at least 12″ on each side. It may be individually embroidered with specially designed symbols, church initials, or In Remembrance of Me.

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This material is much finer and lighter than the heavy damask used in ordinary table covers. Each cover is finished with plain hems and mitered corners.

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NC1-80 Plain ($165.00), NC1-86 Plain ($170.00), NC4-80 with N4: Latin Cross ($225.00), NC4-86 with N4: Latin Cross ($235.00), NC35-80 with IHS Symbol ($225.00), NC35-86 with IHS Symbol ($235.00), N1003-80 with In Remembrance of Me ($450.00), N1003-86 with In Remembrance of Me ($465.00)