Lin-Look Communion Table Covers


“Lin-Look” is a 100% polyester material with an appearance of woven linen fabric.The Communion Table Cover is derived from the table cloth on the Last Supper Table. It is placed on the table with a drop of at least 12″ on each side. It may be individually embroidered with specially designed symbols, church initials, or In Remembrance of Me.

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This material may be machine-washed and retains its appearance with minimal effort. Each cover is finished with plain hems and mitered corners.

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NCP1-80 Plain ($140.00), NCP1-86 Plain ($150.00), NCP4-80 with N4: Latin Cross ($175.00), NCP4-86 with N4: Latin Cross ($180.00), NCP35-80 with IHS Symbol ($175.00), NCP35-86 with IHS Symbol ($180.00), N1003P-80 with In Remembrance of Me ($430.00), N1003P-86 with In Remembrance of Me ($450.00)